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Tech Free Holidays

November 2017 - In today’s high-tech, fast-paced world, quality time spent with family and friends is cherished more than ever. Make the most of your gatherings this holiday season by taking a break from technology and enjoying each other’s company!

One of our customers shared this “rule” for her dinner parties, including holiday gatherings. She sets out a large bowl or basket for everyone to leave their phones and tablets in when they enter the door. No phone calls, texting or social media leads to lively conversation and an engaged group of guests.

Simple things like a day of baking and decorating cookies can become a fun annual tradition. Invite family or friends, turn up the music, share stories and start baking. Your hands will be so full of cookie dough that you won’t be able to use your phone! Depending on the group you invite and how much time you have, you can mix assorted doughs or even bake the cookies in advance and host a cookie decorating party.

Cookie Decorating

Host a gift-wrapping party to catch up with friends. Ask each guest to bring a roll or two of their favorite wrapping paper and ribbons, provide tape, tags, light appetizers and a signature holiday cocktail, and you’ll have a Pinterest-worthy party while tackling what many consider a holiday chore!

Gift Wrapping

Other fun options to spend quality time with family and friends include puzzle or game nights; a weekend hike or walk in the park to connect with each other and with nature; and volunteering. Even if you can’t commit to a regular schedule, there are many family-friendly opportunities during the holiday season to introduce children to giving back and supporting their communities!

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